The TEEN Scene

Decisions… Decisions. TEENS can be trendy, impressionable, and/or impulsive. To them, parents can be either outdated or over-the-top. We have a solution! What do they want? We got you covered. What are they saying about:

  • Skateboards
  • Gaming & Gamers
  • Backpacks & Duffle bags
  • Tees & Sneakers
  • Airpods & Smartwatches
  • TV & Audio

And for the Girls…

  • Bracelets and Necklaces
  • Scarfs and Sweaters
  • Hair, Skin, and Nails
  • Fashion Sense
  • Arts, Crafts, and Journals

NOTHING IS EXCLUSIVE… be it guys or gals. The main thing is… YOU DECIDE who gets the BEST of WHAT!

WHO says women can’t have the BEST of BOTH worlds and STILL maintain balance?

  • Family and Finances
  • Work from Home and Entrepreneurship
  • Education, Training, and Career
  • Leadership and Networking
  • Empowerment and Economic Development
  • Home and Garden
  • Knick Knacks and Whatnots
  • Health,  Beauty, and Fashion
  • Arts and Crafts

You’ve come to the RIGHT place! SAVE time… SAVE money…


Check out the BEST of the BEST. 


We’re here to help YOU!

Gentlemen's Choice

HEY GUYS!  You are NOT ALONE and you are NOT left out! In fact, YOU don’t have to wonder about it just because of a few isles in a HUGE, department store.  We’ve done the research. GRAB IT  and GO is the name of that tune. That’s why we put a whole lot of thought into a little space and time. It’s YOUR world and YOU ARE in charge of what YOU want and what YOU need:  

  • Health, Wellness, and Fitness
  • Shoes and Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Sports and Equipment
  • The Outdoorsman
  • Family, Friends, and Finances
  • Automobiles
  • The Man Cave

BE ENCOURAGED and BE INSPIRED! We’ve got you covered!  

Fun and Leisure

There is something under the sun for EVERYONE! YOU name it whether is a product or service. It can be for guys, gals, cat, dog, bird, or goldfish. We’ve already got it (the review, that is) or it’s headed for the press! EITHER WAY, look at what we’ve got to say… they had to say.

  • Patio, Pools, and Backyard Fun
  • TV, Movies, and Home Theatre
  • Biking and Hiking
  • Creative Activities
  • Socializing and Cultural Events
  • Sightseeing and Travel
  • Cognitive, Emotional, or Physical Activities
  • Pets and Animal lovers

YES! They bought it.

They’ve tried it!  

Now YOU get to DECIDE!. It doesn’t matter… we’ve got you covered!

Retirement and Aging

Retirement and Aging don’t have to be a touchy, feely subject but it does require thought. Just because you’re reducing work hours or choose to be ALL IN… you STILL are informed, educated, and can make wise decisions.  The key is to do so successfully and gracefully. We’ve done the leg work for you. What are the most important issues you face?  What do YOU want or NEED to consider? Just sit back and relax. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Gifts
  • Health, wellness, and quality living
  • Retirement Planning and Finances
  • Social Security and Medicare
  • Hobbies and Community
  • Recreation and Exercise
  • Travel and Lodging

What is the best way to save for retirement? Where should I go? What should I do? How do I make his or her special day even more special? YOU get to DECIDE since time is on your side. We have the review that caters to YOU!


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